Episode 11. Advance Base @ Hopscotch Music Festival ’17

Our final stop for Hopscotch ’17 was a set of steps near the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Raleigh to catch up with Advance Base (real name: Owen Ashworth). We went over how your music tastes and habits change when you have children, the ways to find new music before the internet, and the quality of Disney songs.

Check out Advance Base on Facebook and Bandcamp. Also, check out Owen’s label, Orindal Records, and if you’re in the upper Midwest, hit up the Orindal Showcases on 9/15 in Chicago and 9/16 in Grand Rapids.

Tracks on the playlist this episode:

  1. “Song of the Mogwai” – Moon Racer
  2. “Losing My Mind” – Liza Minnelli
  3. “Brand New Manic Brainholder” – Stephen Steinbrink
  4. “Sharp Cutting Wings” – Lucinda Williams
  5. “100,000 Fireflies” – The Magnetic Fields
  6. “Walk Wit Me” – D.A. Smart
  7. “The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress” – Nicholas Krgovich

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