Episode 12. John Booker & Rachel Hirsh (BRUXES, I Was Totally Destroying It)

We’re back to prowling the local scene after Hopscotch (minus Dave this week) with guests John Booker & Rachel Hirsh (BRUXES, I Was Totally Destroying It, 120 Minutes). We talked about playing shows as a cover band, touring and recording with Motion City Soundtrack, and how hip hop is the only genre testing limits in this day and age. There’s also a distinct emo theme to this episode.

Check out BRUXES and I Was Totally Destroying It. Also, be sure to hit up Deep South The Bar, where John books shows, for some live music, especially on 9/22 for Get Sad Y’all, Raleigh’s first emo night.

Tracks on this playlist this week:

  1. “Zoo Station” – U2
  2. “Derail” – Dinosaur Pile-Up
  3. “Suspended in Gaffa” – Kate Bush
  4. “The Outfield” – The Night Game
  5. “SGL” – Now, Now
  6. “Ping Pong” – Stereolab
  7. “New Patterns” – The Sea and Cake

Links mentioned this week:

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